Content of ESG information as per Sections 3–5 of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation)

Real Exchange AG (REAX) endeavours to create a responsible corporate culture in which the sustainable actions of each employee and the company are supported, while incorporating the factors of environment, social affairs and corporate governance.

REAX attaches the utmost importance to respect for human rights and combating corruption and bribery. REAX uses the content, evaluation methods and presentation of the most important sustainability effects and the underlying sustainability indicators specified in the publications of the supervisory authorities responsible as well as the established industry standards for orientation. To this end, REAX is currently developing an ESG strategy.

REAX does not currently consider any ESG factors (sustainability risks) in its consultation strategy, but has so far restricted itself to only passing on product-related ESG information to their consultancy customers, provided that such information is available. The purpose is to allow consultancy customers to take the available ESG information into account in their investment decisions. Consultation services provided by REAX are independent of ESG factors.

At this time, many providers of financial products have not published any detailed information on their ESG strategy. As a result, this information cannot be taken into account in the context of investment consulting provided by REAX.

The strategy used by REAX when recommending financial instruments is currently still based purely on economic factors, the availability on the market and investor demand. Due to the very limited consulting approach that is focussed on individual transactions, ESG criteria are not considered in the strategy.

In general, the ESG factors do not affect the remuneration for investment consulting on financial products. In particular, the amount of remuneration currently does not depend on the fulfilment or non-fulfilment of sustainability risks.

Updated: March 2021