Complaints Management System for Customers

Real Exchange GmbH (“REAX”) has effective and transparent procedures in place to process complaints appropriately and without delay. Complaints refer to any expression of dissatisfaction made by a natural person or legal entity (complainant) against REAX in connection with a securities service or ancillary securities service provided by REAX.

By establishing its complaint management system, REAX aims to improve customer satisfaction and comply in full with all statutory requirements.

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The REAX Managing director is responsible for complaints management. Responsibility for checking and then responding to complaints depends on what the complaint is about. Where necessary, REAX works together with law firms.

Processing a complaint is free of charge for REAX customers. We respond to complaints as soon as possible, i.e. within the period needed to examine and consider the complaint as determined by the particular case.

Straightforward issues are generally processed in five bank working days.

If longer investigations are required, you will be informed of the processing status in the interim.

All complaints and the actions taken to redress these are documented.

REAX requires the following information to process customer complaints:

  • Full contact details (address, telephone number, where necessary e-mail address)
  • Description of the issue
  • Details of the request or what the customer would like the complaint to achieve (e.g. correction of an error, improvement to services, clarification of a difference of opinion)
  • Copies of the documents needed to understand the process (if available)

Where the customer contacts us in the name of and on behalf of another person, proof of authority to represent this person.

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