Take Advantage of the Sales Strength of REAX

The institutional investor market in Germany is subject to special requirements and standards. Successful share sales hinge on the ability to structure a new investment fund, while identifying qualified target groups for it and having access to eligible investors is just as important. It does not always make sense for providers to rely on in-house units to keep the necessary market proximity up to date and to maintain the required sales capacities. Acting as your “extended workbench,” we will support your project in the initial placement of new institutional fund products and will, when the time comes, gladly advise you on the best ways to divest yourself of funds that no longer match your portfolio.

Primary Market

The growing number of newly formed AIFM companies illustrates the persistently high interest in open-ended real estate special AIFs in Germany. Many of these investment companies focus on their first-rate know-how in the management of property funds and portfolios. At the same time, they exploit the advantages of third-party sales structures. It is, above all, a good way to minimise fixed costs, to keep the organisation flexible and to optimise the market access.

Our Services:

  • Advising fund initiators on market-oriented ways to launch new open-ended real estate special AIFs
  • Selling open-ended real estate special AIF for initial subscription
  • Providing advisory / quality assurance

Secondary Market

Institutional investors have the option to put fund units back on the market as sellers. When acting as buyers, they get direct and confidential access to attractive fund units associated with various real estate sectors and different investment strategies from us, enabling them to commit their capital faster than via the piecemeal acquisition of real estate for the purpose of setting up a new fund. Property managers can lower the risks associable with the reduction of their assets under management during planned fund wind-ups.

Our Services:

  • Marketing fund units (of existing investment funds)
  • Selling the units of a certain investor or of an entire investment fund
  • Assuming the role of an independent adviser and intermediary
  • Advising the buyer side and handling exclusive search requests

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Heiko Böhnke, Vorstand, Vertrieb, Real Exchange AG

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